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Sail One

PClass - Our Secret Weapon book

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Written by Gun Caundle, an ex-low ranking P Daddy, the book is divided into eras that describe a significant aspect of P Class history: how it was born, its development through the decades and how technology was adopted to prevent it from dying, and the origins of the coveted Tanner and Tauranga Cups. Woven into the chapters are entertaining and interesting stories from ex-P Class sailors from recreational river sailors to around the world yacht racers, Americas Cup winners, Olympians. They include: Graham Mander, Chris Bouzaid, Jonty Farmer, Harold Bennett, Murray and Brian Jones,  Dean Barker, Stu Bannatyne, Ray Davies, Gavin Brady, Peter Burling and Jo Aleh. Each story reflects the special place the P Class has in the hearts of the sailors. Regional wars and P Daddy stories are also captured.